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web and desktop solutions

Development of web sites, applications and desktop utlities.


Experienced development team

We are a small team with a lot of development experience. We can develop multi platform applications ranging from corporate wide web based reporting systems to standalone windows desktop applications. Set up in the 1990s ShantiSoft has been providing IT services for almost 2 decades.

Our Services

Web applications

"Put it in the cloud" - whatever cloud you want we can help. Azure, SharePoint, Quickbase, just some of the cloud things we know.

Web sites

If you want a simple page like this one, or a fully interactive dynamic site we can do this too, anything from an online datacrunching web system to a simple html page.

Desktop applications

Just want something that will run on your PC, we can build desktop applications with great user interfaces.


Having native speakers in other langauges in our team, we can also help if you just want to make your application or web site Bi, Tri or Multi -lingual

Web Cloud Technical stuff

We work in both Linux based systems and windows based. Developing for the LAMP stack or ASP and MS SQL. On the front end we can do JavaScript using most of the latest up to date libraries, jQuery, Angular js etc. On the back-end we can build your web applications using MVC in either PHP or ASP .net. This brings a structured approach minimising the overhead costs if you want to take it back in-house.

Desktop local applications

One of our strengths is a long history of Windows desktop development. We utilise some of the cutting edge .net components for data access and reporting. A lot of these seemlesly cross over into putting it up on the cloud if you are looking for a combined cloud and desktop approach.

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